Single Point of Contact:  You can develop a trust relationship with one person who is familiar with the way you run your business and how your information is stored and accessed.  Hardware fails or becomes outdated and is replaced, but your data is what keeps your business running. Willing to work to avoid downtime in your business. A new person will not show up every time you require a service call. Purchases and Upgrades:   Consultation to recommend new or replacement hardware as needed without the pressure to purchase items that do not benefit your business.
Remote Support: As long as you can reach the Internet I can remotely control your computer to resolve problems. One of the advantages of a remote session would be timing; you don't have to wait for a Tech to drive to your location. You and your computer do not have to be within my geographical coverage area. Even though this is a great service there are repairs that will need an on-site Tech.
Telephone Support:   If you are unable to reach the Internet, I can guide you through connecting to the Internet.   Some technical issues can be easily resolved and a quick phone call can resolve the problem.
On-Site Support: Coverage area is primarily Vero Beach and Fort Pierce. Some fixes require an on-site visit. It is not feasible for you to transport your entire network. Some hardware problems will require a changing of parts or entire computers.
Training: Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, Excel, PowerPoint.) Basic computer usage. usage QuickBooks
Mailing Address: 1716 Highland Dr. SW, Vero Beach, FL 32962
Standard Hours: Weekdays 9a - 5p
Basic Website Design: Contact Sales based websites, Event websites, Sole Proprietor website, Restaurant website.
Networking specialist focused on keeping your data accessible to you.